The Six Songwriters - Companions


About the Six Songwriters

The six songwriters are:

photo of Kenny
Kenny Vass
photo of Martin
Martin Boland
photo of Mark
Mark Barnett
photo of Mike
Mike Dillon
photo of Tom
Tom Fairnie
photo of arthur
Arthur Wilson

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Arthur Wilson
Tel +44 (0)1875 810375

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Listen to tracks from companions

Monday Rush - © Kenny Vass
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What's your hurry? Stay in bed and listen to this great song.
Valentine Blues - © Mike Dillon
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What we'll do for a woman and what she does to us.
Closed for Prayer - © Mark Barnett
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Some times we turn Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs into a pyramid on its head. Some times prayer is the focus that everything else spreads from.
Invisible man - © Martin Boland
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A song about injustice and how, in trying to eliminate one sin, we can create another.
For Your love - © Arthur Wilson
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A song that has charm and sadness in equal measure.
Everybody's got to learn to dance - © Tom Fairnie
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As accurate a description of those first romantic encounters as your likely to get.

© Arthur Wilson