The Travelling Waverlies lyrics

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AHMFAELEITH They used to call Mbra the Athens of the North but back in the old days it seemed more like the Babylon. The weekends were especially memorable for carousal and other forms of debauchery. By God, but we were wild! We drank beer in pints! We took snuff! We rang doorbells and ran away! Sometimes we didn't even go to Mass! This song looks back to some halcyon hangovers. MD

God's in his heaven and I'm on my ear
It's Friday evening and the weekend starts here
All I need is a bucket of beer and some Guinness
Monday, Tuesday, Midweek dragged like hell
But everything's buzzing here in Sandy Bell's
There's a lot of us here that won't feel too well by the finish
But that's in the future, now things are okay
Yehudi McClements, he's a?fiddling away
Folk come from miles just to hear this guy play.
See me...Ahmfaeleith

God created weekends, now he's praying for rain
But Noah's moved to Rose Street and he's snorting cocaine
Mugging old ladies and laying the blame on the vandals
Idi Amin and Barbara Cartland
Go leaping down Leith Walk hand in hand
He wants to join a Rock 'n' Roll band. She's mental
When he chibs a gadgie to prove he's a man
She writes I Love You with an aerosol can
Her walls are really rated now by most of her fans.
See me...Ahmfaeleith

Attila's up on Calton Hill hunting for fags
Meets God in his nightie and he loses his rag
Trying to work out if it's a camper in drag or someone famous
He cools off in the Kenilworth with drinks with the boys
The conversation there's the kind he really enjoys
Bitching bout these student types who really annoy Kingsley Amis
He pays for the round with a rubberised cheque
And they're all along to Gorgie with maroon round their necks
Cos Hearts is their one substitute for football and sex.
See me...Ahmfaeleith

God's chucked out his nighties now he's into the scene
He plays bad ethnic banjo, wears holy blue jeans
But the punters up in Bell's play it cool when he screams: Hey, where's the party?
There's some Nazi throwing one just this side of the zoo
But he says he won't let God in cos he's heard he's a Jew
God gets really hostile and turns all his booze into water
We find another party just along Abbeyhill
It must have been a good one, we was all really ill
God lives in Wester Hailes so he's walking home still.
See me...Ahmfaeleith

Sunday morning's here and I'm moving real slow
Got God on me doorstep and he tells me Hallo
Says that he's me buttie and could he borrow a cup of money
I just got to tell him I got nothing to lend
All the gelt's been blown on the Embra weekend
'Sides, you'd abolish Mondays if you're really my friend, so don't get funny
You've wiped out every weekend for some buggers it's true
They live just round the corner in a massive house too
God says it goes on district, pal, they stay in Holyrood.
See you...Yirfaeleith

© The travelling Waverlies