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The Travelling Waverlies

Edinburgh based poets and singer songwriters who are one of Scotland’s most accomplished groups of contemporary writers and singers.

Latest News - 2nd June 2003

The Waverlies are currently planning their next CD. They expect to do some performances early next year. They also plan to start work on reviewing archive material for release in the form of wax cylinders

More about the travelling Waverlies

The Travelling Waverlies have produced a great CD called Speaking In Tongues. They consist of Bob Shields, "The Poet of Relationships...and much, much more", Mike Dillon, a well published award winning songwriter, poet and novelist with a background as interesting and varied as you would expect of a man from Cork, Billy Cornwall, whom some of us think should be Leith's Poet Laureate...he would probably deserve the title far more than anyone else currently residing in Wester Hailles and Tom Fairnie who can't claim to have the pedigree of the others but can at least say that he's doing his best to catch up. They have evolved into a looser unit since forming in order that they can bring in other performers from time to time, amongst whom are the notorious John McCaughie and the ever-impressive Martin Boland. John is a gifted writer and occasional performer of poetry and Martin is a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist. They are both likely to feature on the next Waverlies CD.

Waverlies biography

"The Travelling Waverlies are not a tribute band, they have no connection with Trainspotting, Sir Walter Scott, Virgin Rail or Waverley Station...we half thought the name up in a pub and through a series of mistakes ended up with it. I personally often answer to the name Blackchapel Tommy and I'm famous for my loyalty but then again I have no regard for Walt Disney. I think that explains it!

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The Waverlies CD cover The Waverlies first CD was an epic of biblical proportions.
The Waverlies second CD The Waverlies are working on another CD... you’ve been warned!
Martin Boland's CD The Angel and the Ablatross Martin’s long awaited solo CD...due out soon.

Listen to Travelling Waverlies

Billy Cornwall - Coffin Lane

 Billy Cornwall

Listen - notes/lyrics

Mike Dillon - Ahwishahwuzzinwishaw

Mike Dillon playing guitar and singing

Listen - notes and lyrics

Bob Shields - Cross of Lorraine

Bob Shields at the songwriters workshop

Listen - notes and lyrics

Tom Fairnie - Wild Geese

Tom Fairnie playing guitar

Listen - notes and lyrics

The Travelling Waverlies - Ahmfaeleith

The Travelling Waverlies

Listen - notes and lyrics

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