The Travelling Waverlies lyrics

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CROSS OF LORRAINE A French Resistance film and the play on a classmate’s name, led to this attempt to combine history and romance. BS

She speaks to me in French sometimes
And I’m back in Alsace
Talking history with the old soldiers
Discussing frontiers
And government treacheries
Until the café closes
And we bid old comrades “ adieu “
Then wander arm in arm
Talking little
Smiling through the starlit streets
Towards the tiny bed
And secret conversations
The moon blessing our unspoken words
Silver sheets protected us
Till morning
She laughed
At my ridiculous feet
Escaping towards the door
Two exclamation marks
She called them
Then she laughed back into my arms
And we slept till afternoon
Warm was I then
She still speaks to me in French.

© The travelling Waverlies