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Tom Fairnie Tom is a Scottish singer songwriter who has been performing his own material over the last couple of years to ever increasing acclaim. His solo CD birthmarked was released in 2001 by Macarthur Music on Refresh Recordings and has fifteen outstanding self-penned songs. "Like every songwriter I usually regard the current song as the best, but I know that I am proudest of Companions because I think that the sentiment actually reaches people. Everybody's Got To Learn To Dance and Speaking In Tongues are probably my most popular songs as far as audiences are concerned but The Aleph is my own favorite. Of my most recent songs The Harbour At Symi is the best arranged of anything I've recorded and I currently love singing a new song called The Journeyman, which seems to have an emotional impact on the audience and which I think will almost certainly end up as the title track of my next solo CD." He recently produced the The Harbour At Symi CD, featuring the title song, which was co-written by Tom and his wife Jane and which was intended as a promo CD for Companions. They intended to distribute it whilst on holiday on the Greek island of Symi but it has turned out to have a life all of it's own. "What had started as a simple little melody line ended up as a really emotive piece of words and music. I know from the reaction it gets that the song and poem really work. I enjoy talking about the recording process for The Harbour At Symi because I think we broke lots of rules but it still managed to sound special. I love it." Tom has been performing increasingly frequently and has appeared at the Tinto Folk Festival, The Heart Of Scotland Festival, Aberfeldy Folk Club, The Linlithgow Folk Festival and The Blackness Inn. He has formed a performance and writing partnership with the highly acclaimed and gifted singer songwriter and guitarist, Martin Boland, whose guitar playing on The Harbour At Symi is exemplary and the CD is well worth hearing for that alone.

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