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The Waverlies are essentially four poets, two of whom are also singer songwriters and all four have collaborated on songs, poetry and combined pieces. They were formed out of performances at Poems & Pints nights organised by the Phoenix Writers in various venues around Edinburgh, most prominently, The Diggers. They've done more than their fair share in promoting local poets and singer songwriters by staging regular performances with open mic spots. Mike, Billy and Bob are all well published poets. Mike is so good with words and melodies that it's just plain scary, Billy is a dry, laconic performer of some of the wittiest and most perceptive poetry being written today and Bob's poetry has inspired many listeners, not least Tom. Bob and Tom have co-written more than a dozen songs since The Waverlies were formed. They also collaborate with Martin Boland and he has stood in as a substitute Waverley on occasions so he's certain to be included in the wider line up that will feature on their next CD.

What has inspired them?

Tom: "Writers Workshops where people like John McCauchie and Mike Dillon give me the benefit of their critical faculties. I've also benefited from the workshops run by Dilys Rose at the University. People like these and organisations like the WEA are the backbone of writing talent in Scotland as far as I'm concerned. I'm proud to say that some of my own writing has been included in the Elephant's Eye, which is edited by Mike and features writers in the Workshop."

Bob: "Everything from Dylan Thomas to Bob Dylan via Mike Dillon."

Billy: "Hibernian and Leith."

Mike: "Mud, tundra and stars on the road to Kirkconnell."

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