Message from Margaret Smyth, Co-op Party

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Margaret Smyth, Co-op Part

I had the priviledge of spending time in George's company together with others from the Pans for the last 8 years at Labour Party Conferences.

George was sadly missed at Brighton this year . His humour and often ascerbic wit together with his spot on analysis of current party events was an education for me, I missed that and am the poorer for it. A toast was raised to the memory of George and I couldn't help but remember his smiling face and the good times he allowed me to share at Labour Party Conferences in Brighton, Bournemouth, Blackpool.

I will be planting a climbing rose together with a clematis next year on his advice. If this advice is as true as all the other advice he gave then they will grow and prosper.

Margaret Smyth, Co-op Party.

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